Hanif release their music through Krusty Stills Records and Dead Frog Distribution in Sweden.

If you wish to contact Hanif or Krusty Stills just send an e-mail to krustystills

Monday september 25th, Swedish band Hanif release their second full length album, Oh Lord Jesus Christ Baby, in Sweden. The record is filled with 13 new compositions and sports one of the year's most beautiful covers. Coinciding the album release is also the release of new single Black Box, a song that made people stand up and applaud when it was originally performed at Cirkus in Stockholm, when the band opened up for legend Robert Plant

The band are still looking for means of distributing their music abroad, especially after all the attention recieved for songs played by international web sites. In the meantime curious music lovers outside of Sweden are encouraged to visit the band's website for free listening and means through which to buy the music. 

Oh Lord Jesus Christ Baby was produced by the band itself and has been recorded in various places around hometown Gothenburg, sites such as living rooms, a church and even a hearing test lab have been used. The result is a warm, organic record continuing where praised debut Blame it on El Niño ended, the band's take on scandicana and pop even more thrilling this time around. The album contains vocal contributions from all band members. 

The band is busying itself with doing promotion for the album and booking gigs for the fall. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions or requests. 

If you visit http:/www.hanif.se you will find up to date information, music, videos as well as photos. If you publish any of the photos, don't forget to credit the photographer Monika Lundholm. You'll find the photos directly at:





Band Members: Andreas Magnusson, James Kinn, Janne Saaristo and Ismael Cardozo Lopez.


History 2003-2006:

* Andreas plays harmonica on the soundtrack for the film ”Miffo”
* Hanif plays at Pusterviksbaren and Bommens Salonger in Gothenburg

* Release of the EP “Stitch of Happiness”. Produced by Björn Olsson (former Soundtrack of our lives)
* Hanif plays at the 10 years aniversary at Pusterviksbaren
* Great reviews for “Stitch of Happiness” in Le Manchester, The Cricket, Revolver, Muzik, Dagens skiva, Newz and many more publications.
* Nils Hansson at DN writes about Hanif under the headline “Critics Choice”.
* Release of the CD “Blame it on el Niño” (October)
* “Different Town” from “Blame it on el Niño” is picked for the Groove CD.
* Gigs at Debaser, Jord, Pusterviksbaren and many more places.
* Fantastic reviews in lots of papers and magazines (8/10 in Sonic).
* “Halfway to Hell” is the most played song on “Mansion on the Hill” in december 2004.
* Heavy rotation on Altcountry.nl.
* “Trapped in Time” gets lots of airtime at radio P5 and P4.
* Hugo Vogel at Altcountry.nl picks Blame it on el Niño as one of the 10 best albums of the year.
* Meantioned in an article in DN about the best music of 2004.
* “Life is not a Bad Place” featured in a commercial for Tullikivi.
* One of the 5 best swedish albums of 2004 acording to Vimmerby Tidning.

* Fantactic review in the Belgian fanzine Rootstime.
* Nice review in americana.uk
* Video for “Trapped in Time”. Directed by Martin Pålsheden.
* One of the acts at the City Sound Festival.
* Opening act for Robert Plant at Cirkus in Stockholm.
* A couple of shows togheter with Racingpaperplanes at KOM and Musikens hus.
* Release of the single “New Dawning”.

* Release of the album “Oh Lord Jesus Christ Baby” (September 25)
* Release party at Pusterviksbaren (September 23)
* Great review in Groove Magazine (September)
* Great review in Trots Allt (September)
* Great review in MI (September)
* Great review in DN (September)
* Fantastic article in DN (September)
* Great review in Altcountry.nl (Go babelfish, go!)
* Good review in GP (October)
* Good review in Muzic.se (October)
* Good review in Sonic (October)


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